Thursday April 12, 2018

My Jessner Chemical Peel Experience (lots of photos)


The day has finally come for this post to go live.  Many of you have messaged me in the last few days telling me that you are looking forward to this post..  This is for YOU!  There is nothing pretty about the peeling process after getting a Chemical peel done.  These are photos I took on my phone throughout the week so that I could document my experience and be able to share it with all of you here at  All of these photos were taken at different times in the day so I hope you don’t mind the inconsistency in the lighting.  Not only did I take pictures but I also wrote on my journal every single night about how I left emotionally and physically during this time.  I only took pictures in the morning, but sometimes big changes would happen by the end of the day.  I was too busy taking care of my family, my home and work to take pictures in the evening as well.  But I feel that as you look through all the photos and read all the daily journal entries you will get a very detailed idea of my experience! I feel vulnerable and excited at the same time to share this content with you.  I mostly just want to be helpful in any way I can.  If you ever wondered what a Chemical peel really does to your skin from beginning to end.. keep reading below!



Chin and forehead feels a bit sensitive. I look like a glazed doughnut. But people kept complimenting me on my glow all day.  I felt pretty even without makeup on.  I’m so used to doing my night time skin care routine that it feels unnatural to not wash my face tonight.


In the afternoon I felt the skin around my chin get really tight. I knew then that’s where I was going to start peeling first.  By the end of the day the peeling had started but nothing too crazy.  Just little cracks under my lips.  By the time I got home at 11 pm more cracks appeared around my smile lines as well.


It was quite a dramatic jump from the day before. My cheeks and the sides of my mouth had began to rise and as the day went on and I moved my mouth to talk, laugh, eat, and drink, the skin lifted even more.  Skin started to also crack around and under my nose.  Today I left very uncomfortable because the entire area that was peeling was incredibly itchy and the “raw” skin felt a little hot.  But I knew I could not scratch it or o pull it! I don’t want to scar. I kept myself occupied and that worked. My daughter kept worrying and saying “Mom are you ok? Mom you look different. Mom your skin is peeling like a lot! How are you going to go outside?!”  I’m surprised how quickly I’m peeling. In the past I didn’t start peeling until the 5th day after my appointment.  I did not feel comfortable going out of the house today.


I officially cannot/should not go out in public for now.. picking up the kids from school is the most I can do haha.  I’m feeling a bit self conscious.  But the good news is that the new skin that is peeking through is looking good! My skin looks pretty.  Another good news is that I’m not as uncomfortable as I was yesterday now that the peeling around my mouth area is almost done.  That area was very itchy yesterday! Right now my face feels as if I have a face mask on.  It feels tight and dry in the areas where the skin will peel or come up next. I am expecting that once the skin lifts it will feel a little bit itchy but probably not as bad as when the peeling around my mouth happened!  I am excited about how quick things are moving along.  That means my “new” pretty skin will be here by the end of the week!

Day 5:
Oh hey forehead! The peeling really made its way there which I’m so excited about because that’s where I get the most texture (not zits).  I guess I frown a lot in my sleep because the skin where the “11’s” on my forehead are cracked and will most likely peel tomorrow.  So, the peeling process is going from the center of my face to the hairline.  I look… interesting.  I saw some peeling down my neck today.  Just a little though.  I remember I was told I can workout even throughout this process so that’s what I did this morning… big mistake! I lasted 35 min at the gym.  My face felt so hot and stingy I couldn’t work out anymore.  I have never walked so fast to my car before…When I looked at myself in the mirror I was SHOCKED! My skin ( in the areas that had not peeled yet before going to the gym) had bubbled up due to the heat/sweat.. I looked like I had exposed myself to too much sun.. I looked like a bubble wrap. It was gross and I so badly regretted getting a peel done!  I tried my best to not cry in the car but I’m just being honest here, I had never felt so unattractive in my entire life.  You can tell by these pictures below that I was holding back my tears.  I do not remember any of this from the other peels I have gotten in the past! I have to remind myself that it has been a looooong time since my last Chemical Peel.  After I got home from the gym the bubbles had gotten down and it was now laying flat on my skin.   I took a deep breath and took a good look in the mirror in my bathroom… I decided to trust the process.  I can do this.  I need to go to bed so that I can stop thinking about those bubbles…

Day 6:

Today my skin felt great! The peeling is almost over! It’s crazy how much change happens from the morning to the afternoon.  I have been moisturizing more often then normal which has helped tremendously with the itchiness and the dryness. It was never that bad in the first place but I really enjoy the how fresh and cool my skin feels when I apply moisturizer.  I also started using a scar gel from Derma E (I get it at Ulta) to help with the discoloration/scaring around my mouth.  I didn’t realize that I had made it peel too fast by constantly applying light pressure to that area with my hands when I started to feel a very itchy, and light burning sensation on my skin (day3).  It is now the evening and my whole forehead looks perfect!! The peeling is 100% over in that area.  I love the new skin that I can see on my cheeks.  Oh gosh, I swear  I’m pore-less!  My pores are so tight I can’t see them! I’m a happy woman right now! I expect for all the peeling to be over by Sunday or Monday!

*Remember that these photos were taken earlier in the day and that’s why you can still see some peeling on my forehead.

Day 7&8
Okay, 99% of the dead nasty skin is gone!! There is just a bit of peeling left on my hair line and on the bottom of my cheeks. Skin looks good, radiant and healthy. Chemical Peels are 100% worth it every time!! The skin around my mouth feels and looks a little dry. I’m hoping that it will be gone by tomorrow because I have a family get together and I would love to finally put on makeup!  I am still moisturizing my face often and using the scar gel around my mouth and will plan on doing that for another day or two.

Day 9&10

Finally.  It’s over.  My love for Chemical Peels is still strong.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Spa Trouve.  I laugh at myself thinking back on the times I texted Whitney (the Master Esthetician at Spa Trouve) when I wasn’t feeling so good about the peeling process.  She was so informative and patient with me.  Because this peel was so different from the other ones I had gotten in the past, I felt as if this was my first experience with a peel!  I was a little motional here and there.  I was embarrassed to go out in public 2 days out of the entire week and a half (not too bad), I couldn’t work out (at least not any activities that would make me sweat too much) and  I couldn’t wear makeup (I loved this part, and giving my skin a break).  I still believe that Chemical Peels are 110% worth it!  I’m so happy that I am back to getting skin treatments because I so badly needed it.  I can’t wait until my next appointment!



Guys, wow.  I can’t believe I am posting these pictures but I hope that this post was helpful and informative! Peels are GREAT, yes.  But it can be quite the process depending on what peel you get and how strong it is!  I needed something that was VERY strong to help me with my skin issues.  The peel that I got is a Jesner Chemical Peel.  It has a blend of different ingredients to help with acne, skin brightening and overall texture.  You might not have the same skin concerns as me though.  If your biggest problem is with wrinkles, they have a peel for that.  If you have a problem with discoloration, they have a peel for that.  If you want your age spots and sun damage spots to fade, they have a peel for that.  I am being very genuine and honest when I say that you can trust Spa Trouve to take care of your skin needs.  From the bottom of my heart, I want all of you to feel confident and have beautiful skin.  It’s not the most important thing in the world, I know.  But I personally feel my best when my skin is healthy.  Please don’t be scared and think that you are going to peel like me or maybe worst!  The Chemical Peel that you receive might not be the same.  How much or long your peel for is going to be a little different as well.  But trust me when I say it’s WORTH IT.  In fact,  I have another Chemical Peel scheduled for next week and I can hardly wait!



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  1. Karen says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting one but have been afraid to do it because it’s been a minute since I’ve had a peel done, as well. This was so informative. Thank you for being so genuine!! You are the cutest!

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