Friday June 08, 2018

What to expect during and after a Microneedling treatment


I had mixed feelings when I scheduled an appointment to get my first microneedling appointment at Spa Trouve.  With the help of my girl Whitney, we figure out a routine that works best with keeping my acne prone skin at bay.  After getting two Jessner Chemical Peels done she highly recommended trying out a Microneedling treatment.  To be honest, one of the biggest reasons why I decided to do it is because of how much I trust her and the whole Spa Trouve team.  When she said the word “Mircroneedling” I immediately started to picture people’s faces  that I had seen on social media with so much blood all over and the sound the needles make when it’s turned on.


Have you ever seen pictures or videos of people getting Microneedling done?!  It’s so scary.  It’s because of those images that I had seen before on Instagram that I felt like this treatment was too invasive and possibly dangerous.  But after doing my own research I decided to try it.  The benefits sounded too good to pass.  When I arrived to my appointment I was still feeling a bit nervous but I knew I was in the best hands.

Ecourages Collagen production
Improves acne scars
Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Improves skin tone and texture


I came without any face makeup on because I knew they were going to cleanse my face because before any treatment you need to have squeaky clean skin!  The best part is when she placed a hot towel on my face.  I can feel my pores open up and it feels incredible.  She actually cleansed my face twice!  That’s how important it is to start with a clean canvas/face before any spa treatment!  As the last step, she wiped an alcohol pad all over my skin.


Although I consider myself pretty pain tolerant I still couldn’t help but to wonder how much it was going to hurt.  We are talking about NEEDLES people.  She then put all my worries at ease by letting me know what she would put a pretty thick amount of numbing cream on and that I wouldn’t feel any pain! She left the numbing cream for fifteen minutes before starting the Microneedling.  She wiped off the cream in sections as she worked her way around my entire face.


The microneedling tip has twelve tiny micro needles in it.  When she turned it on it sounded like an electric tooth brush.. but much louder.   What those needles do is, create controlled wounds which help stimulate collagen.  The needles vibrate in and out of the skin.  It sounds creepy because IT IS creepy.  I’m just trying to keep this post as real as possible guys.  To help the Microneedling glide on my skin she used a Hyaluronic acid serum.  Basically, she wiped the numbing cream in sections and then sprayed some hyaluronic acid and immediately after that she would glide the Microneedling up and down my skin.


It was not that bad at all guys!  The sound is the worst part I think.  After a few minutes I got used to the sound and my body felt less tense.  The numbing cream worked for the most part but some areas were really really sensitive!  My jaw line and my hair line were the most uncomfortable areas.  I was surprised how fine I was when she did the area around my mouth.  For some reason, I thought that was going to the the worst part.  And guess what?  I did not bleed that much.  From the pictures that I saw before I was expecting to look like a real nightmare and I was looking forward to seeing myself like that haha.


When she was done she wiped the blood off my face and then applied a thick layer of moisturizer and it felt so soothing and cool on my skin.  It was an incredible feeling because my skin felt a bit hot!  She advised me to not wear any makeup for the day because I had micro channels open on my skin and we needed to avoid any bacteria getting in there.  The first thing I thought of when she said that was how I needed to get home quickly and change my pillow case and spent the next hour washing all of my makeup brushes and sponges so that in a few days when I do my makeup I won’t be putting something dirty on my new and improved skin lol.  She also said to not use any cleansers that had any acids on them.  Which meant that I could either use my gentle Nerium cleanser or just plain water to cleanse my skin for the next couple of days.


I was told that there really wasn’t much of a down time.  She said I could work out and go on with my regular routine 24hrs after the microneedling treatment.  Although I believe that is probably standard protocol for most people.. it was not the case for me.  Everything is a learning experience and because I had never gotten a microneedling treatment done my skin wasn’t sure what it was ok and not ok with until I tried to go back to my everyday life.  I went to the gym the next day in the evening and after only working out for 15-20 minutes my face started burning up.  Not just a little “sunburn” kind of sensation.. I’m talking about “face on fire!”  Kind of thing.  I quickly gathered my stuff and ran to my car in a big dramatic was because why not, everyone had already seen my crazy face anyways so I didn’t care if I looked silly.  As soon as I got in the car I took a look at my face and laughed so hard.  My face looked and felt like hot, melting LAVA!  I kid you not, I took deep breaths up until I got to my house (that’s a 10 min drive).  You know when you are in labor and they ask you to take deep breaths in and out?  That was me.  I tried not too laugh too much while driving because of the looks people were giving me on the road.  But breathing in and out like that really helped my body cool down which helped with the burning sensation on my face.  I’m not trying to scare you.  I just want you to learn from my experience.  The treatment was great and the results were AMAZING.  Just let your body tell you what to do and not to do.  I realized that for the next few days I needed to keep my body/face at a normal to cool temperature.  That also meant not spending much time outside and applying sunscreen every single day.  Another unexpected thing happened… three days after the Microneedling treatment my husband and I took the kids to St George to visit my Mother in law and her husband and during the drive my face felt a bit itchy.  I didn’t think much of it until the very end of car ride and I noticed the skin around my mouth looked dry.  Again,  I decided not to ponder for too long about why my skin was itchy and looking dry.  To my surprise, the next few days my skin peeled as if I had done a chemical peel treatment!  It wasn’t a crazy peel which I’m grateful for but it was unexpected and all the plans I had for makeup tutorials had to be pushed for another week.  Now that I know how my skin reacts to Microneedling, the next time I come in for another treatment I will know what to expect.  Knowing what to do or what not to do is so important!


Aright, now on to the best part.  The results really convinced me that this treatment is GOLD.  I find that I see the best results and benefits of any face treatments a week or two after the appointment.  And it was the same thing time around.  Once the peeling and the redness went away.  My face looked as close to “perfect” as it could get!  My pores… what pores?!  Guys, my pores were so tight and my face looked smooth and clear.  You know what the best part it?  It has been almost four weeks post treatment and my skin still looks great!  My skin feels plump and young!  I’m looking forward to my next Microneedling treatment next week!  I really want to see my acne scars fade as much as possible and I love that this treatment encourages the creation of new collagen.  If you have major issues with texture, this treatment will do wonders for you!  It will help improve large pores, loose skin, discoloration and all of the other things I already listed earlier.  Microneedling WORKS.  I encourage you to look at the videos I posted under my Instagram (@kandjdiaries) highlights.  You will find all these videos in the “Medical Spa” bubble.


My beautiful friends, I have wonderful news for you.  Spa Trouve will give anyone who calls and sets up an appointment a 20% off discount on a Microneedling treatment if you use the code: JESSICA20.  Please message me any questions you guys have and don’t forget to let me know how you like it!

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