Friday August 17, 2018

Makeup Review: NEW Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes


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Smashbox recently released new eyeshadow palettes adding more to the Cover Shot collection! I find these very convenient because of their size.  You can pretty much store it anywhere!  But the most important reason why these are so great to add to your makeup collection is the fact that they are great eyeshadows!  Each Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette has a mix of different finishes and formulas!  Every eyeshadow palette I opened had me saying “ooh” and “ahh” out loud.  These palettes are definitely worth talking about.   You can find endless palettes on their site.

Warm tones, cool tones, bright colors, glitter, neutrals… you will find more than one eye shadow palette that will suit your needs.  Smashbox has something for you.  I guarantee it!  Each palette is well put together and I love that you can create simple looks and creative looks with these Cover Shot palettes.  For best results, I recommend that you use their primer.

From the NEW Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes these three are my favorite:

COVER SHOT: BOLD GLITTER EYE PALETTE (this is the one I used to create the makeup look you see on this post)




Sometimes, big eye shadow palettes can be very overwhelming.  Specially for those who are minimalistic with their makeup, or for those who like to create the same makeup look every day.  To be completely honest, when I purchase a big eye shadow palette I will find at least 3-5 eyeshadows that I know I will never touch.  With the Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes you get to be picky.  I promise, if you take a few minutes to look at them there will be at least 2 that will catch your eye!  You can create different looks with just one palette!  You will definitely get a good use out of them.



I will be giving away two Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palettes tomorrow on my Instagram stories!  If you are not following me on social media yet, what are you waiting for?! 🙂 @kandjdiaries 




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