Wednesday August 08, 2018

What is Dermaplaning?


No foundation.  No concealer.  No powders.  Just a little bit of cream products on my skin and my favorite lip balm on my lips.


It basically helps your skin feel and look smooth by getting rid of the facial hair/fuzz.  But wait, there is more to it than you think!

Dermaplaning is great for removing dead surface cells and of course, peach fuzz.  Your skin care products (specially serums) will penetrate more effectively. This treatment is great for exfoliation.  They use a scalpel that is super sharp to remove facial hair  (it’s very important that you go to a professional to get this done).  As always, I had a great experiece at Spa Trouve.  Whitney prepped my skin prior to the treatment by cleansing it, then laying a hot steamed towel on my face which is my favorite part (it really opens up my pores and it’s very soothing), and the last step was wiping my skin with acetone to make sure my skin was super super clean which would help the Dermaplaning glide really easily on my skin.  The smell is very strong and it made my eyes sting a little but as soon as she was done wiping acetone on my face it went away really quickly.  She worked section by section in small strokes and removed the dead skin that forms in the surface.  If you do this on a regular basis it will help unclog the skin, remove sun damage, and improve the overall health of your skin.  I was a bit nervous once she started working on my forehead.  I kept praying that she wouldn’t accidentally shave off my brows!  I barely have brows so it was a bit of a concern haha.  But of course, nothing bad happened because Whiney is a rock star and knows what she is doing.  Once she was done she applied a brighting mask on my face and let it sit for about 5 minutes before wiping it with a clean towel.  She applied some tinted sunscreen on my face and before I knew it the appointment was over.  It was a pretty quick treatment compared to other facial treatments I have done in the past.  My skin my looked and felt like a baby’s bottom.  The main things I noticed right away is how much glow and brightness my skin had.  Dermaplaining is quick, painless and there is NO DOWNTIME!  I posted videos on my Instagram Stories yesterday of my first Dermaplaning treatment at Spa Trouve and lots of you loved it!  I also asked you to sent in your questions so that I could answer them here on this blog post.  You guys had amazing questions so take a few minutes to read the Q&A below, there is lots of good information there!

Does it hurt?  It doesn’t!  But it is a little uncomfortable at first.

Does it take forever? I don’t have much time.  Not at all.  I was surprised how quick it was.  I think I was there for a total of maybe 20-25 minutes.

Will the hair grow back thicker or darker?!  This is a great question! No, it won’t.  I didn’t even realize it grew back until the fourth week post treatment.

Was your skin irritated after? My skin felt really fresh and clean afterwards.  No irritation whatsover.

Que estudio es para realizar esos tratamientos?  Yo voy al spa que se llama Trouve en Orem, UT.

How long does it take for you to grow back your top layer of skin?  The fuzz in my skin grows back slowly and after 4 weeks I’m ready for Dermaplaning again!  But it might be a little sooner or later for other people.  Everyone is different.

How long until you can put  makeup again?  The same day if you need to!  They recommend that you wait until the next day.  Your skin is going to look so smooth you won’t want to put makeup on!

What is so good about this treatment?  Face is instantly smoother and brighter after the treatment!

I always wanted to have my facial hair removed but I can’t have it waxed my skin is sensitive, will this give me good results?  If you cannot wax because you are using retain A, this is a great option for you!  Plus it’s not painful like waxing is.

Is this a safe treatment? No side effects? Of course!  I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t safe.  My skin is sacred to me and I want you to feel confident and have great skin too! <3

If I have bad acne can I still get Dermaplaning done?  Unfortunately, if you have inflamed acne Dermaplaning will not be the right treatment for you.  However, at Spa Trouve they have many other facials, peels, and treatments that will help with your acne and once your skin has healed you can set up an appointment for a Dermaplaning treatment!

Will this give me better skin tone? Yes! This treatment physically exfoliates collagen production and epidermal growth that results in better skin tone. Woohoo!

I’m pregnant and my crazy hormones have caused me to have extra facial hair! Is this safe to do when pregnant? Absolutely.

Is there anything that surprised you in a good or bad way after getting Dermaplaning done on your face?  Yeah.  I was surprised how quickly my skin absorbed my face serum, toner, and moisturizer!  I was also surprised how smoothly my makeup looked.  I stopped using a makeup primer for a while because I felt like I didn’t need it anymore.

Ladies, have you ever shaved your face?  I have!  This is something I used to do before getting Dermaplaning at Spa Trouve.  I would do it once a month or month and a half.  There is a difference guys but you can still get good results by doing it at home.  Are you interested in a blog post about Shaving versus Dermaplaning?

If you have never gotten a facial done I think this would be a good one to start with because you will see immediate results.  You will leave the spa with radiant, fresh, healthy looking skin!  If you would like to save 20% OFF use the code JESSICA20 when you call to set up your appointment! Spa Trouve 801-229-2229.



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