Tuesday December 18, 2018

Bomb Ass Brows- Detailed Review



If I was stranded on an island and was allowed to bring only one makeup item HANDS DOWN it would be some type of brow product!  During the year there are probably only a few days that I don’t do my brows.  Brows can really transform your face.  To me, next to teeth, the eyebrows are the most important features on any face.

Although I have tried many eyebrow products never had I purchased one from Benefit Cosmetics before.  When one of my favorite Youtubers launched a curated box and each item in the box was meant to create fabulous brows I had to buy and test each item inside this fabulous rose gold box.

I’m talking about “Bomb Ass Brows” ladies.  I will just start by saying that Desi did a great job at naming this brow kit.  I know she has been a fan of the Benefit “Precisely, My Brow Pencil” for a very long time so it seems like this was the most natural collaboration between a creator and a brand that I have seen in a long time as far as the Beauty industry goes.

THE PACKAGING & THE PRESENTATION:  Who doesn’t love rose gold?!  I love that each product also matches the box color and vibe.  In case you didn’t know, these products normally come in a silver color.  I like how each item is perfectly placed inside the box and even if you tilt the box or move it side to side, up and down, the products won’t fall off.  They are going to sit there nice and still until you use your fingers to pull them out individually.  I was shocked to see a mirror in this box!  I think it’s a nice feature.  But it would have been better if there was a way for the mirror/lid to hold itself up.  To use this mirror you have to be creative and hold the bottom of the box and keep the lid open at the same time with one hand (because you are using the other to do your brows).  The mirror is going to try to fall forward or backwards depending on how you are holding it.  When I do my brows I like to have a mirror at the same height as my eyebrows.  So I either need a really really tall table where I can set this and just hold the mirror or I just need something different.  Usually I take the products outside of the packaging and place it with my other makeup in a more organized drawer but because it has a mirror I feel so bad throwing it away!  I keep thinking of all the work Benefit Cosmetics went through when creating this beautiful presentation.

THE PRODUCTS:  This is what really matters!  The presentation is important to me but I realize it’s not that important to most of you.  People just want products that work and that makes their lives better or easier.  I am the same, but when a brand does a great job at both I become extremely happy.   Now, none of these products are new.  Desi Perkins curated a kit with her favorite Benefit eyebrow products.  The only thing that is new and unique is the feminine rose gold packaging.  In the Bomb Ass Brow kit you will be getting 4 full size products, 1 mini size product and an angle brow brush.   If you were to buy each item individually it would cost you $126.  But you are getting all of this for only $59!  So as far as price value goes… you are getting the most out of your money.  The products really are GREAT!  So for me, the Bomb Ass Brows  eyebrow kit is worth it.  But for people who are minimalistic with their makeup or get overwhelmed easily when having too many products to choose from…well, if that sounds you then this may or may not be what you need.  The thing is, you don’t need all three products to create amazing brows!  Or maybe you do!  Maybe you need a brow pencil, a pomade and a brow powder in order to have bomb A brows.  I have been using a pomade for most of 2018 and I don’t “need” more than one product to create my dream brows BUT, I can easily incorporate 2 different products and that doesn’t include the brow gel of course.  Using something to set your brows (your hard work!) is a must.  This kit is perfect if you are obsessed with brows and if you like to be creative and change up your routine every so often.  This will also be a fantastic purchase if you just want to support a Beauty Influencer like Desi who has worked so hard to get to where she is now!  And hey, if you just love the fact that these great products come in a pink packaging then you should purchase it asap!  Like most collaborations, this is a limited edition kit.  Take a look at the list below for a complete product breakdown.







If you are a brow lover you have probably  clicked on the links already and added Bomb Ass Brows to your cart.  Anyone who is passionate about brows knows that a good brow day means you are going to have a fantastic day.  I always wanted to try these products from Benefit cosmetics so for me this was the perfect opportunity.  The only two products I’m not in love with are the High brow, because it’s way too bright.  It honestly looks like a very light pastel pink color on my skin and I personally don’t like a brow highlight to be that bright.  And the other product that I wanted to love but couldn’t because of the packaging is the Ka-Brow!  It’s one of their most popular products but I found it to be awkward to hold and uncomfortable to apply the pomade to my brows because of the tiny packaging.  It’s a mini so that was expected but still.  I think in the future I would like to give Ka-Brow! another try and purchase the full size version.  But aside from those two I love everything else.  It’s also important that you know that there are a total of 5 shades you can choose from.  I went with Medium Warm.  This kit is super interesting because you get different shades in each kit.  For example, in the “Medium Warm” kit I got: Powder #3, Ka-Brow #4 and Pencil #4.  At first I thought I needed to get the box that said “Deep” but after a lovely employee at Ulta showed me what each individual product looked like (and we did lots of swatches as well) I realized Deep was way too dark.  It was basically black!  So after taking 10 minutes of her precious time (she was the nicest and extremely helpful!) I decided to go with “Medium Warm”.  I added a color chart below and hopefully this will help you make the best color choice!

I hope this post was very helpful!  Do you like detailed reviews?  I did a poll on Instagram and most people said they liked reading and watching makeup and skincare reviews.  They want to read and hear the negative parts too and not just the positive reviews. I would say that this post was a complete makeup review.  What do you think?!




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