Friday December 14, 2018

KKW Beauty Unboxing & first impression video



My first KKW purchase!  I have been dreaming about owning KKW Beauty products  but I wanted to wait for the perfect time to shop.  Somehow, I was able to wait until Black Friday.  And when that day came, I was more than ready to take advantage of the sale!  I got a total of 10 products.  Mostly nude lipsticks of course.  Every shade is unique and each one beautiful and oh so creamy on the lips.  Most of the products that I purchased I decided last minute to be honest, but there was 2 iconic products that I knew I HAD TO have.  Both are part of the KKW x Mario collaboration:  The Classic K lipstick and the Eyeshadow palette.  Kim Kardashian West is a beauty icon and Mario (@makeupbymario) is an incredible makeup artist and has created some of the most gorgeous makeup looks not just on Kim but also on so many other clients.  I admire his work and I’ll always support anything that he makes or collaborates on because I look up to his amazing skills and everything he has accomplished.  I also admire Kim’s work ethic.  She seems like a serious business woman and is always professional when doing interviews and pr related work for her makeup brand.

To watch the unboxing + first impression video go to IGTV!  I don’t regret a single product and I’m definitely looking forward to trying other products!  Share with me your favorite KKW Beauty must have items!

I will try my best to post more often on IGTV.  I have a few holiday makeup looks coming up.. should I post it on IGTV or on IG stories?!


KKW X MARIO Crème Lipstick

KKW X MARIO 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Nude Crème Lipstick Nude 2- Warm light nude

Nude Crème Lipstick Nude 4- Mid tone cool nude

Nude Crème Lipstick Nude 5- Mid tone rosy nude

Nude Crème Lipstick Nude 7- Mocha nude

Peach Crème Lipsticks peach 4- Burnt red

Pink Crème Lipstick Pink 4- Mid tone berry pink

Nude Crème Lip Liner- Nude 1

Nude Crème Lip Liner- Nude 2




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