Monday January 21, 2019

The 3 hair masks that are worth repurchasing


Yes yes yes.  I am so happy to have received questions regarding what hair masks that I use.  You don’t understand how happy I feel when you ask me questions regarding my beauty routine or what I use on my hair, skin, and body.  So let’s get to it shall we?

I like to change up my routine and the products I use every so often.  There are so many brands out there how can I possibly not attempt to try them all! 🙂  Well, I don’t want to make this complicated for you.  I know you are here because you want a short, sweet answer to your question:
“What hair mask do you use?!”.

I am currently just sticking to one hair mask because based on my experience that’s when you can truly tell when a product is working.  You have to give new products a chance by sticking to it for as long as you can.   The longer you use it the better.  With all hair masks I expect to FEEL a difference after the first couple of tries, and I expect to SEE a difference after a month or two.  The one I am currently sticking with is the Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque by Shea Moisture.  It smells like sweet oatmeal and my hair absolutely loves this mask.  It’s such a great mask for these colder months and I will tell you why in a minute.

So here is the thing.  If I listed all of the wonderful hair masks I have tried and approve of it would be too overwhelming.  So instead, I thought it would be better if I told you about the three hair masks that I repurchase again and again.  Many of the hair masks that I have under my skin are great in their own way but I have never felt like they made a big enough difference to the point were I would repurchase them again.  But the three that I am about to mention.. oh boy.  I get too excited talking about hair.


Split ends, weak, rough, dull and dehydrated. Does this sound like your hair problems? If you have damaged and overworked hair and want to stick to a budget you need to give this hair mask a try!  I am not always the biggest fan of drugstore makeup, but drugstore hair products?! HECK TO THE YES.  L’oréal promises that this mask will repair up to 1 year of damage, making your hair super smooth after 1 use “**When using complete system of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment.” I mean.. that’s kind of a big deal right?  Leave this in your hair for 5 minutes and then rinse.  When I first heard about this line of hair products I did also purchase the shampoo and conditioner because I wanted to see big results.  I only buy the mask now and it is still one of my favorite drugstore hair finds.
You can use the Total Repair 5 Damage- Erasing Balm multiple times a week.   Even daily if you wash your hair that often (I hope you don’t wash it that often though).  It won’t weigh you hair down or leave it greasy.  You will want to touch your hair often because of how great it feels.  I mean that’s not a problem is it?  Ok, it might be a problem because touching your hair too much will cause split ends lol but you get my point.



This certified organic deep conditioning mask is really going to strengthen you hair! If you are often using heat on your hair and regularly coloring it you NEED this  mask.  This hair mask is also wonderful for anyone with wavy or curly hair who needs more moisture.  If you have been searching for an affordable mask that helps promote hair growth this is a fantastic option.  There are 3 main ingredients that you need to be aware of.  Jamaican black castor oil which is full of omegas that will promote healthy hair grown, organic shea butter that helps condition not just your hair but also the scalp and peppermint.  According to what I read online, this ingredient stimulate the scalp for an invigorating experience.  I said 3 ingredients but let me tell you about one more: Apple cider vinegar!  When I read that this was one of the ingredients I was like oh no no no.  There are only a few other smells in this world that are more nasty than vinegar or apple cider vinegar in my opinion.  I am happy to report that this crueltry-free mask smells NOTHING like nasty vinegar.  Thank heavens.  Just think of the smell of oatmeal with brown sugar.  That is what this mask smells like to me.  Should I go on about this hair mask?  The Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque has no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no petrolatum and no propylene glycol.  I am loving this hair mask for the colder, dry months.  This rich and creamy hair mask is heaven for my hair right now.  There is a special deal right now on this mask! Buy one get one 50% off!  Click here to purchase.



Oh my heart.  Kérastase is dear to my heart.  When I was coloring my hair a lot a few  years ago it was this brand that kept my hair alive and healthy.  I never suffered with hair loss due to the bleach or over coloring my hair and that’s because I knew that in order to have the hair color that I wanted and to keep the health of my hair I needed to go for high end products.  This isn’t always the case, I know.  But this blog post is based on my personal experiences with hair masks.  I am telling you, if you wanted to invest in a high-end hair mask Kérastase should probably be on your list.  This brand offers so many hair masks I promise you, you will find one that will best suit your needs and hair concerns.  After the first treatment I knew it was a great investment.  Everyone knows that coloring your hair (specially if you go lighter than you natural hair color) will make your hair more dry.  If you have experienced severe dryness due to either coloring or if it’s just how your hair is well,  you don’t need to deal with that for much longer.  This hair mask is going to make your hair healthier and it will get it back on track.  The Nutritive mask works with hair that is straight, wavy, curly, and coiled.  Yeah, it’s basically for everyone.  You don’t need to stress anymore if you hair is brittle and is lacking nutrition.  Kérastase is here to help.  This one doesn’t smell as good as the other two but hey, it does the job.


Alright ladies, so there you go.  These are the three hair masks that are worth repurchasing over and over again.  When my hair was really damaged and dry I used a hair mask every time I washed my hair.  EVERY TIME.  This helped restore and strengthen my hair.  Now a days I only use a hair mask once a week.  I am on maintenance status with my hair right now.  I have come really far when it comes to the overall health of my hair.  If you only you knew… 🙂  More hair blog posts soon to come!







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