Saturday February 23, 2019

New Laura Mericer Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation- All Day Wear Test


2019 is the year of NEW foundations and concealers!  Laura Mercier kindly sent me their new Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation to test and I couldn’t feel more grateful.  You guys already know that I am a huge fan of this brand.  I was excited to give this foundation a go and do a full day wear test.  Regardless of how much I love Laura Mercier I want you to know that you will read my true honest opinions about this foundation.  Not all foundations are for everyone.  You have to take in consideration your skin type, and what kind of coverage you like.

Let’s start with a little skin background.  I have sensitive, acne prone skin.  I also have combination skin.  I usually am a bit more oily in the T zone.  My prefer coverage is medium coverage and occasionally full coverage but that depends on the occasion.  I don’t normally purchase foundations with the word “radiance” or “glow” because I find that they have too much oil in them.  On myself I like to use foundations that have a sheer matte finish and I add glow to the right places of my face by using an illuminator or highlighter.

Alright!  Now I’ll share with you what Laura Mercier says about their brand new foundation.  They say it’s a weightless medium-to-full coverage formula that looks and feels like a second skin.  The Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation provides 15-hour hydration.  This foundation creates a perfectly glowing finish.


I decided to not apply a primer since I never use a primer when testing a foundation for the very first time because I want to see how it preforms on it’s own.  I wanted to give this new foundation a real chance so that’s why I skipped on the Hydrating Foundation Primer that Laura Mercier sent.  If my skin was super dry and dehydrated I totally would have used this primer.

I was fascinated by the look of their new Flawless Finish Makeup Sponge!  I had never seen a sponge with such an interesting shape.  It came with a little pamphlet that explained step by step on how to use it.  I had the option to use the sponge dampened or dry.  I went with the first option.  I picked up the product from the back of my hand.  Used the s-shape side to apply product to my skin and then used the top edge for applying the foundation around my nose and to blend the foundation a bit more.  I need to play with this sponge a bit more but I did like how it distribute the Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation.

My very first impression of the foundation once I had it on my skin was that it had very light coverage but it did have a beautiful luminous finish.  I decided to add another layer of foundation and still I couldn’t get it to give me a lot of coverage.  I didn’t want to add a third layer because I didn’t want that much product on my skin.  Adding the second layer gave me a medium coverage look with a hydrated smooth skin finish!  I could still see all of my moles and little tiny scars I have on my skin (acne scars).  Something that most people wouldn’t noticed but of course, I did.  I was happy with the results.  It felt very very lightweight on my skin even though I applied 2 layers of foundation!  I did set my t-zone with a little bit of Translucent Setting Powder as I always do.  I kept the rest of my makeup routine the same.  I had a meeting 4 hours later so I was crossing my fingers that this foundation was going to be as long lasting as they said it would be.

I took a few selfies with my phone 6 1/2 hours later (take a look at the pictures below).  I already liked the way it looked on my skin but holy crap it looked amazing in pictures!! My skin looked so smooth and natural.

I washed my makeup off 10 hours later (I have never actually worn makeup for 15 hours!).  Towards the 10th hour of wearing this foundation I noticed that my t-zone needed major powder touch up.  The foundation was breaking up around that area and it looked a bit messy.  But you have to remember what I said at the beginning of this post.  I do have an oily t-zone.  Normally that’s not the case in the winter season but I have been trying some new skin care products the last 2 weeks and it has made my skin hold onto extra moisture.  If you don’t mind touching up then this won’t be an issue for you.  But I never touch up my makeup.  I’m a busy mom on the go and I just don’t have the mental space to remember to bring powder with me for those little touch ups.  A lot of people tell me they are use to touching up after a few hours, in fact, it’s part of their every day routine.  If that’s you then you won’t mind this at all.  I’ll be honest, I think this foundation really is beautiful but it is not medium-to-full coverage.  It will work best on people who have normal to dry skin.  If that sounds like your skin type you are going to absolutely LOVE the new foundation my Laura Mercier!  Overall I really am impressed with the formula and the natural, gorgeous luminosity it gave my skin.  If I only needed to wear makeup for 6 hours and I was looking for a natural glow finish I would choose this foundation over the other products I have.

I just want to remind you that this was the very first time I had used this foundation.  I will keep playing with it and the next time I’ll try a primer with it.  I’ll probably choose a mattifying primer for the t-zone and see how much of a difference it actually makes.  I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram stories and on Twitter!

I hope you have  wonderful, peaceful weekend girls.




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