Saturday March 16, 2019

Hair Loss Solution/ Get stronger, fuller hair again!


After months of using this at home hair system and gaining my own testimony of the products I am now ready to tell you about my biggest hair secret! Does anyone else suffer from hair loss, flyaways, bald spots, or weak hair because of stress, age, pregnancy, breastfeeding or a poor diet and lifestyle?  For me personally it all came down to the side effects of breastfeeding.  I dealt with so much hair lost during that time of my life when my kids were babies.  My husband and I decided to have both our kids back to back so they were super close in age.  It definitely took a toll on my body.  Combine that with stress and poor sleep and what I got as a result was fragile hair.  I remember trying to be as gentle as possible when brushing my hair and still seeing so much hair on my hair brush.  Or waking up and looking at my pillow covered in hair.   I was sure that if I did my research and learned as much as possible about hair health and using the right products, eating the right food, my hair would grow back and that this situation was only going to be temporary.  And that is what happened for the most part.  I started looking for ingredients that would make my hair stronger and thicker.  I was happy with how far I had come and I felt like my hair was in pretty good condition.  But I still always thought about that side of my head where hair had grown back but never the  same as before.  That’s when I started to part my hair in the middle.  It doesn’t seem like that would be a big deal but  I had been parting my hair on the left side for 20 years choosing to only part it in the middle because that one side didn’t look as full as the rest of my hair anymore.

Fast forward to 10 years, lots of time and money spent on different products and I finally came across the at home hair system that my hair needed!  These products are the best of science and nature!  Full of amazing vitamins, nutrients and botanical ingredient.. I didn’t know my hair needed RVL until I started using it.  With a strict regimen and consistency I got the results I so patiently waiting for.

Some of the most amazing botanical ingredients are: Omega 3 fatty acids, black seed oil, flaxseed oil, Indian gooseberry helping hair feel and look softer, shikakai for stronger hair, curry leaf, tulsi for fuller hair, jojoba oil for shine, fenugreek and roselle which is hibiscuss extract that has magnesium and polypeptides.  It’s also important to know what it does no have!  RVL is free from Silicones, dyes, parabens and sulfates.

After years of caring for my hair I was ready to take it to the next level.  I was ready for a real change.  The RVL Hair Advance System includes three products: “A cleansing shampoo, scalp serum (with two other refills) and hydrating leave-in conditioner, all with dermatologist developed HPT-6™, a Jeunesse exclusive polypeptide technology that works to create the perfect shine and flexibility”.  You need to follow the instructions and commit to using the scalp serum daily.  Twice a day actually.  Don’t worry, it won’t make the roots of your hair look super greasy.  It was pretty easy to get use to this new routine actually.  You wash your hair with the Ultra Refining Shampoo (it smells amazing by the way), then after you get out of the shower you apply the Multi Perfecting Leave In Conditioner.  Yes, that’s right.  There is no regular conditioner in this kit.  Most of the time I felt like it wasn’t needed but occasionally when I had  lots of knots I used a little bit of my regular conditioner on my hair.  The next step is to massage the Scalp Infusion Treatment to the areas that concern you.  This is actually the second step but I like to detangle my hair before applying the Scalp Infusion Treatment.  Massage scalp for a few seconds until the product is fully absorbed and use the Infusion Treatment morning AND night.  This infusion or serum is super powerful.

I am so glad I took the time to really try these products for a while before telling you about it.  The areas that concerned me were my part ( I had lots of flyaways), and the left side of my hairline.  I was committed to getting my hair to that next level and it did just that!  If you watch the IGTV video I posted this morning on Instagram @kandjdiaries you can see my results.  And I explain a bit further my personal experience.  I do recommend the RVL Advance Hair System for anyone interested in getting fuller, thicker, stronger hair and for those that are ready to say goodbye to bald spots!  But there are other options as well.  You can purchase the products individually.  I will be purchasing the Scalp Infusion Treatment (that comes with two other refills) as my next purchase.  I still have some shampoo and leave in conditioner left!

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