Thursday April 04, 2019

Kylie Cosmetics Setting Powder- All Day Wear Test


Did I set an alarm on my phone,  stared at the website and counted the minutes for these powders to be available for purchase?!… Yes, I did.  I even took a screenshot and shared on Instagram story how many more minutes were left before I could buy the new Setting Powders.  It was a very exciting evening haha.

Kylie Jenner’s makeup always, and I mean ALWAYS looks smooth.  Her under eyes never look too crazy.  Quite the opposite actually.  It’s never too bright, or too cakey.  Overall her makeup is always on point.  That might be the result of having a professional makeup artist on call.  Or maybe it’s the products he is using on her skin.  Or maybe it’s both!  Since I can’t have the talented Ariel do my makeup I figured I would feel pretty happy with finding out what he uses and then trying it on myself at home.

Her makeup artist had shared a few hints here and there about what Kylie’s new product would be!  As soon as I found out it was going to be a setting powder I knew hands down I was going to get it.  I had to.  He said he has been using this powder on Kylie for a while… do I need to say more?  This is an example of the “power of an Influencer”.  You follow someone on social media for a while, you connect with them, you trust the products they recommend.. and that’s that.  I find this to be a very positive thing.  You feel like a friend is recommending something that he/she feels that you will enjoy and love.

Do you want to know what I look for in a setting powder?  Here we go:  Lightweight, great performance, long lasting, zero to little fragrance, and minimal color.  Just to explain this a bit further.. sometimes you want fuller coverage so it’s important that the powder is finely milled if you are going to add powder on top of powder!  I love when brands add a hint of color to their setting powders but a powder that is too pigmented will not look natural on the skin at all.

I was more than ready to do an all day wear test when the Kylie Cosmetics Setting Powders arrived.  I purchased “soft pink”, and “beige”.  These two shades intrigued me the most.  I had been looking for a light pink powder for a while and couldn’t find one I liked so when I saw on the website that soft pink was available I was excited to give it a try  and I had to buy beige because Kylie’s makeup artist uses that exact shade on Kylie.

When I do an all day wear test I always use my favorite makeup products along with it because I feel like it’s important to give a new products a fair chance.  I like to only try one new product at a time that way if it doesn’t preform well I won’t be confused as to why that happend or try to figure out which product caused the problem, does that make sense?  It just makes the whole process of reviewing a new product much easier.


I actually did 2 all day wear tests because the first time did not go well.  I’ll explain why.  I used one of my go to concealers for when  I want medium to full coverage which is the Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour concealer in the shade “light medium warm” and used the setting powder in “soft pink” to bake and set my entire face.  The results were less than than pleasing.  “Soft Pink” was definitely too bright and it made my skin look dull.  after a few hours my under-eye area looked dry.  I looked old.  Perhaps that’s not the right word for it.. I looked a bit older, there you go.  I do have to say thought, that my skin was not looking that great that day to begin with.  But adding the setting powder to set my foundation did not make it better.  My skin looked patchy and I could tell after a few hours that I needed to reapply powder in my t zone area badly.  I washed my makeup off that night and laid down in my bed and thought about what I could do different next time.  It’s important to not judge a product after just one use.  Maybe I needed to use a different technique, maybe I needed use a different concealer.


Okay ladies, I actually had a plan this time.  I was going to take my time and prep my skin properly by exfoliating in order to get rid of any dry patches or dead skin on my face so that I could start with  a very smooth base and I was going to use my favorite light coverage concealer this time that has a natural finish and that is my Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer in the shade 3W.  Forget about baking!  No no.  The plan was to lightly set the under eye area and not to set my foundation with this powder.  OH! I almost forgot to share with you that I also planned on using “beige” and NOT “soft pink”.  “Soft pink” and I have broken up and are never getting back together.  I’m kidding but it was obviously not the correct shade for me.  Well, I did everything as planned and guess what?  It was great!  I felt relieved because I really wanted to like the Kylie Cosmetics Setting Powders.  I did not need to do any touch ups or reapply more powder because I went with a “natural skin finish” look.  Still, it did not make my under eye area look super smooth but it did a decent job at setting my concealer and as far as “beige” goes.. well, you have to go to IGTV and watch my last video to see how beautiful the shade “beige” is.


I realize that you and I have different skin types, skin concerns, and just different makeup preferences.  Some like a light coverage setting powder, some of us want full coverage, and some of us are looking for something in between!  I’m about to share with you my personal opinion about the Kylie Cosmetics Setting Powder.  If you have oily skin this powder will not help your foundation last all day.  If you have combination skin and don’t mind re touching every few hours then hey, this powder might be great for you.  If you love a natural finish and have been looking for a powder with a beautiful hint of color than yes get it.  If you have acne, texture, or wrinkles this powder won’t give you a nice smooth skin like appearance.  This powder looks nice on the skin when you use very minimal product.  I have tried this powder on clients as well.  It’s not a terrible powder by all means!  You just need to know what kind of finish and coverage you are looking for before making a purchase.  I prefer a product that lasts all day and that needs zero touch ups.  What about you?!



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