Monday June 24, 2019

My recent (affordable) makeup purchases


I was so happy with the feedback I received from the last blog post that it made me feel so excited to try the other drugstore/affordable makeup products I had purchased a few weeks ago.  Go watch the video I posted about these new affordable makeup purchases here before reading this blog post!

Elf Cosmetics Ultra Precise Brow Pencil In Brunette $5-

Not bad for a drugstore product! The shade “brunette” was too warm for me. My brows looked a bit red but when I went to Ulta I didn’t see a lot of color options. Even if you go online you will see that they only carry 3 shades which is so crazy. I like using a retractable eyebrow pencil because its great for detailing brows and outlining them as well. I like drawing hair like strokes and an ultra slim pencil is ideal for making that happen. If you don’t want to spent $21 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz give this a try. But the problem is… they only have 3 different shades you can choose from: Natural brown, brunette, and taupe. You must also know that this brow pencil is not as creamy as the original version of this which is the Brow Wiz by ABH. I found that although it took me a few seconds to get use to the formula at the end of the day my brows did stay put all day. The color did not fade away which was quite a pleasant surprise. But I was a little uncomfortable all day knowing that my brows looked a lot warmer than my hair.

Elf Cosmetics Wow Brow in Brunette (brow gel) $4-

A dollar less than the brow pencil AND one more shade option too! You can choose from the following shades: Taupe, neutral brown, brunette, and deep brown. I wish I would have purchased deep brown. Nevertheless, I was happy with this product because the fiber infused brow gel did give me fuller looking brows! I loved that! I always admire people will natural full brows and wonder what would life be like if I didn’t spent so much time on my brows drawing hair like strokes to get that full brow look I long for. I will be purchasing the Wow Brow again but in the shade deep brown next time.

Elf Cosmetics 16HR Camo Concealer $5-

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t criticize affordable products too much specially when they are just $5 like this concealer. The thing is, I get easily turn off by products (this can be makeup, fashion or skincare) that are overhyped. When I see that 100 popular reviews are done by people with sponsorships and they don’t look that great in their videos or photos I KNOW they are not being 100 % honest with their followers. I’m glad to see that they offer 18 different shades. But I would like to see more shades added to the line, specially more deeper shades. The 16HR Camo Concealer has AMAZING coverage. That is true. It will conceal dark circles and blemishes. But it did not work well because of my skin type.  I think this product will work better if I use one of the deeper shades for contouring. This concealer is way too dry for my under eyes. I made sure to prep my skin like I always do, so I know that my eye cream was not the problem. It looked dry on my skin right away and as the hours went by my under eye area did look a bit more dry making me look older. This product also didn’t blend as well as I thought it would. You can easily see that in the video I posted here. This is not a natural finish concealer but it is long lasting and it has high coverage that’s for sure. Unfortunately it did not work for me and the shades are off. The color you see in the box is not the same as the color in the actual product. It’s a lot lighter. Just know that when trying to find the right shade for you.  I won’t be using this concealer again under my eyes but I will be using a deeper shade to contour! I’ll let you know how well it preforms so keep in touch on Instagram!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara $9.99

This is an incredible drugstore mascara! My tiny lashes looked good. The real magic happens when you apply two coats. Trust me, you lashes will look nice and curled all day long. It is a pain in the butt to get it off but I’m fine with that. This mascara beats many of the high end mascaras I have used.

Maybelline TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Onyx $7.99-

A few celebrity Makeup Artists have mentioned this product before so I just had to give this liner a try! I applied it on my waterline. At first it faded away a little bit because my eyes were watering but after finishing my face makeup I reapplied the Tattoo Studio Liner on my waterline and it did not budge or move ALL DAY LONG. Totally amazed by this product and it’s intense color. I have tried many drugstore eyeliners that promised to be long lasting but this liner is the real deal. The longest-lasting affordable pencil liner I have ever used.

Maybelline Master Precise Allday Liquid Eyeiner in Black $7.99-

Get ready to create the most defined line with this eyeliner and the best part is that it won’t break the bank. You can expect high pigmentation with one single stroke. This is a very popular eyeliner. I loved it right away and this is the third time I have purchased it. I’m so happy that Ulla always has the Master Precise Allday Liquid Eyeliner in store.

Essence Matte Touch Blush in Berry Me Up $3.99-

This soft matte blush looks good on the skin and it’s not too pigmented which makes it easy to add as much or as little as you want. The price is excellent and this blush is definitely worth more than $3.99. I had makeup on for about 6-7 hours and at the end of the day the blush was still there. I reach for matte blushes during the summer because my skin is more oily during this time of the year. I like to have control of the shine and glow on my skin. I normally use a matte blush and then apply highlighter in very specific areas where I do want to “glow”.

L.A. Girl Perfect Precision Lip Liner in Sugar & Spice $2.99-

I wanted to love this lip liner but it did not preform as well as the Ultimate Lip Intense Wear Auto Lipliner. It was not as creamy or as long lasting.

Essence Velvet Matte Lipstick 10 $3.99-

In the video I posted on Instagram I said Catrice instead of Essence. I apologize, I had just used a few products from that brand the day before so it was on my mind a lot the following day.  I was first attracted to this lipstick because of the beautiful shade! #10 is so pretty.  The formula is super smooth.  Too smooth.  It just looks messy shortly after applying it.  Once you start talking, drinking, or eating you’ll find that the product moves a lot and it wears off fast.  The product and packaging looks and feels cheap.  Essence does have some hidden gems so I do look forward to trying more products from this brand.
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