Tuesday July 02, 2019

Product Review- Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 30+


I had to try this product three times before writing this blogpost.  The first time I had a lot of eye makeup and it sort of threw me off because although I knew this was a BB Cream subconsciously I expected it to look like makeup, like a light coverage foundation.  Needless to say I wasn’t that happy with the end result because I saw no coverage.  The second time I applied very little makeup, I kept it on the natural side and mentally knew that I had to treat this product like skincare and not like makeup.  I was much much happier with the results.  I tried this product again a third time with no eye makeup, just a quick application before going out to run a few errands.

Just to be clear, the lovely Derma-E team did sent me their new Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 30+ but this post isn’t sponsored and everything that I write or talk about on my social media channels are my personal opinions.  With my background as a Makeup Artist I do feel quite picky when it comes to beauty products.  I hope that you know that I will always be honest with you.

People usually go for BB Creams for the skincare benefits which usually includes SPF.  The new Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream not only has a decent amount of SPF but the ingredients are great too.  I’m talking about Vitamin C which helps brighten the skin, Vitamin E, antioxidants and all of these ingredients help with preventing premature aging and of course, sun protection is important and SPF should always be part of your routine.  I appreciate that this is an oil-free formula  because my sensitive/acne-prone skin cannot handle oil and most sunscreens.  In the past, I have tried their sunscreen and my skin did not have a bad reaction so I felt comfortable trying out this product from Derma E.

You can choose from 5 different shades that will adjust to your skin color so don’t stress about finding the right shade that will perfectly match your skin.  I thought the shade “tan” was the right shade for me but after a few swatches I realized that it was a bit too cool toned for me,  I went with “medium” and it was perfect.  At first it seemed like it was going to be a little too light but after after a few seconds I started to see the change in the color matching my skin perfectly.   I did not see any major difference on how my skin looked throughout the day.  The first time I applied the Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream with the beauty sponge they sent me.  I did one half of my face with the sponge and the other half with my hand.  Don’t do it with your hand, it get’s messy and I felt like it wasn’t blending well which I found so strange.  I thought I could treat like like a moisturizer so I figured that applying it with my hands would make it blend better and it would be a much quicker application than applying it with a sponge.  Once I saw that it wasn’t working out I quickly grabbed the sponge to blend the Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream.  The second time I used a big buffing foundation brush and I LOVED the finish and the application process so much more than using a sponge (or my hands for that matter).  I’ll tell you why: It was quick and it was not messy.

If you want an SPF with a hint of color and you are also interested in the other amazing skincare benefits… then you should give this a chance.  But if you are a makeup lover and you  need at least a little bit of coverage because you like your skin to look flawless,  and you want your pores to be blurred and minimize the appearance of line and wrinkles.. well,  I don’t know that this is the right product for you.  If you treat this product like skincare you will like this!  If you treat it like makeup, you will be disappointed.  When I used this tinted moisturizer I could still see all of my pores, texture and fine lines. I didn’t really mind too much the second and third time I tried this because I was prepared, and honestly I just needed some good sun protection before going out and running errands, taking kids to the park, cleaning the yard, etc.  And if I can have a little bit of color then sure, I’ll take it.

Sunscreen  sets really weird on my skin.  My skin never quite absorbs the product.  It almost always sits on my skin like a layer of cream that won’t blend no matter what I do.  Not everyone has this issue though.  A friend can try the same sunscreen and it will sit beautifully on her skin.  But that’s not the case for me unfortunately.  That’s what happened with this product.  It looked like I had a layer of a tinted sunscreen.  Not my desired look but hey, sun protection right?.   You  want to know something interesting?  Even though my skin did not look flawless (in my opinion) I received many compliments on how my skin looked!  I’m used to people saying that they like my makeup or foundation but this time the compliments were about my skin!  WHAT?!  So I guess I’m more picky then most people and perhaps my skin did look good with the Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream.

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